This year’s topic:
Rigorous Design of Reliable and Secure Distributed Systems

Concurrency is omnipresent in computer systems, at all levels, from concurrent software running over multi-core platforms, to distributed applications running over large-scale networks. The development of concurrent and distributed systems, that are performant, consistent, and secure, is however a huge challenge, both from the conceptual and practical viewpoints. It constitutes nowadays one of the major research domains in computer science.

METIS is an advanced school that aims at providing to participants a solid background and a comprehensive view on the state-of-the-art and the current trends in this research area. Lectures in METIS will offer introductory courses as well as courses on specific active research themes, given by world-leading researchers in the area. These courses will cover several important topics such as: design of distributed algorithms, implementation of concurrent data structures, verification of concurrent and distributed software, network security, etc.


April 30, 2015

Early Registration Deadline

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